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Woven RFID lables to prevent product counterfeiting

To prevent products from counterfeiting and to optimize the logistic processes in long-term, the fashion company Vivienne Westwood decided to use woven RFID labels in her products. The necessary RFID technology is gained by TexTrace and EE Labels.


Increased volume of counterfeit products

Forgeries of designer products are currently sold 20-60 percent under the market value and are more and more destructive for the company’s image, Fashion United writes. This is the reason why Vivienne Westwood thought it is very important to come up with a countermeasure. The companies TexTrace and EE labels seem to come up with the right solution: woven RFID labels, which will be placed in the brand label of the products. This mixture of technology and textile profession and reliability seem to be exactly the right thing: "A woven RFID label corresponds completely with the strict standardize of the brand Vivienne Westwood" says Nurben Usta from the product department.

In the coming spring the woven RFID labels are supposed to be actively used in the production and commerce.

A video of TexTrace about the woven RFID labels you will find below:

Link to the original article:

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