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Shirt or belt clip

Thanks to the shirt and belt clip you can carry your smartSCANNDY everywhere with you if needed. Exactly like the unbreakable ABS case the clips are available in different colors.


Power adaptor



With the useful power adaptor the storage battery of SCANNDYs can be charged everywhere.


Applicable at all times


LI-ION storage battery with 1050 mAh, which can be charged very fast directly via USB interfaces of the computer or external power adaptor. One battery charge enables over 30000 laser scans in 4 seconds pulse.


Docking Station



Charge the storage battery and at the same time transfer data to the computer. With the firm docking station for smartSCANNDY this is comfortably possible.

Easy Direct Pointer (focus cap)

The Easy Direct Pointer for the smartSCANNDY allows easy and fast scanning of miniature 2D codes which are for example printed narrowed next to each other located in a catalogue. smartSCANNDY is therefore the only worldwide catalogue ordering scanner to our “Smart Order Solution”. Convince yourself from the easy handling and automatic system links of our smart order systems.


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