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The hummingbird reaches the sweet nectar deep down the flowers easily. RFID transponders are not sweet but safe and necessary for a clear identification of industrial facilities in all security related components. In most cases they are placed deep down the metal and are perfectly shielded for safety reasons, but cannot be read anymore. Inspired by the hummingbird, PANMOBIL a German RFID manufacturer developed a special RFID antenna to reach that special RFID nectar.

PANMOBILs Hummingbird in action

The Carl-Stahl GmbH developed an intelligent transponder reading system for their service examinations which assigns the customers and their components based on the saved data on the transponder accurate at any time. Important component: smartSCANNDY:Hummingbird.

Dual Antenna technology for Wide-Range and selective capturing

The special antenna technology of the smartSCANNDY:Hummingbird developed by PANMOBIL Engineering enables capturing and describing of miniature transponders in difficult accessible industry environments as far as extensive transponders. With it RFID tags embedded in metal can be reliably detected. Therefore many application areas in the asset management, merchandize management, logistics, mobile data capturing and Industry are covered.

Overview of the technical features

  • Solid and handy design

  • Wide-Range RFID-Reader

  • Dual antenna technology enables capturing and describing of miniature transponder in difficult accessible Industry environments as far as extensive transponders

  • Bluetooth-/WiFi connection for fast data transmission

  • High Performance CPU ARM 9 with 400MHz

  • Integrated Linux operation system

  • Supports SDK for C/C++

  • RFID-Support for High Frequency (HF)

  • 1D-Laser



reference report

For PANMOBILs customers like Carl-Stal GmbH and their asset management the smartSCANNDY:Hummingbird is the most important component for the examination of the components in industrial companies. Read the complete reference report now in the...

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application purpose!

The hummingbird is a special advancement of PANMOBIL smartSCANNDY. With a weight of only 80g the smartSCANNDY is the lightest hybrid AutoID device in his class and solid enough to fit into the shirt pocket.

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